Info in English

Welcome to the Doctors on Nøjsomhedsvej. We are two separate clinics - Doctor Naomi Meyer Henius and Doctor Tania Ingholt Alminde. We share the secretary Marie and the nurse Britt. We both often have young doctors under supervision in the clinic, see below. It is possible to get a written information about the clinic in english by asking the secretary - but here are a few important informations:

Acute consultations:
These can be booked in the morning 8-9 am, and are meant for an acute problem which needs to be attended to the same day

Ordinary consultations with the doctors:
All consultations with the doctors or nurse need to be booked in advance - we do not have “open consultation”. Each consultation lasts 10-15 minutes, if we do not able to attend to all your problems during this period, a new consultation needs to be booked. Waiting time might occur – please be patient….we try to do our best to keep our timings. Wednesdays it is possible to have a late consultation since the clinics close at 6 pm that day.

Telephone contact with the doctor:
If you need to talk with your doctor you can either call the secretary and leave a message for the doctor to call back or you can call wednesdays between 8-9 am where the doctors answers the phones themselves.

Telephone contact in general:
The nurse/secretary are by the telephone daily from 8 am till 1 pm. except Wednesdays where the telephone is open from 8-9 am and again from 2-5 pm. The daily telephonetime from 8-9 is preferably for acute problems which might need to be seen the same day. Please call after 9 am., if it is concerning other questions/appointments .

Internet communication:
You can get in contact with your doctor via email. First you need to have an email users name and users password (or digital signature) which you can get by asking for it at the clinic.
Via you can ask short questions and you might get any test results from the doctor this way.
Via you can book any non-acute appointment.
Via you can apply for any permanent precriptions.

Test results, prescriptions or referrals:
Concerning above mentioned please call the clinic outside the “acute” time which is 8-9 am. Remember to contact the clinic if you have not received info about test results results within 2 weeks from the test was done.

Østerbro doctor-coop:
The clinics are part of a doctor-coop on Østerbro which means that we are 25 doctors who share the doctor-coverage of the area on a daily basis. So every day at 1-4 pm except Wednesdays where it is 9am. till 4 pm. we refer to a “doctor on duty” on telephone 35423232 – this referral is ONLY for acute problems which cannot wait till your own doctor is available.

Medical help evening/night/weekends and public holidays:
Please call 1813 daily from 4pm til 8 am next day, Monday to Friday and weekends/public holidays.

When the doctor is off duty:
When we doctors are out of the office – we refer to another doctor who take care of our patients while we are away. Info about “stand-in” doctors you can find on our homepage: www.lægernenø, on posters in the waiting room or by calling our phone (but this info will be in Danish).

Assistant doctors:
We normally have young doctors in our clinic, who have completed medical school and needs to obtain knowledge from the work as a GP for their further education. These doctors are always working under supervision from us regular doctors.

Payment in the clinic:
We are only able receive cash payment if payment is needed.